Projects 3


EHI International undertakes quantitative and qualitative operations and evaluation research to provide valid, reliable and relevant evidence for improving public health programmes and private sector initiatives in health care.


Our expert teams collect data that enables stakeholders to plan large-scale programmes, track performance indicators, identify programme strengths and weaknesses, determine whether strategies need adjustment, advocate for appropriate resource allocations, map health services on the basis of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and advance public health policies at national or state level. We have experience in CAPI based survey technologies as well as using GPS for field work monitoring.




Areas of Specialisation


  • Health Systems Research
  • Public Policy Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Services for Health Programmes – National and International
  • Planning and Management of Research and Evaluation Programmes
  • Survey Research and Management
  • Quantitative Research and Survey Research
  • Qualitative Research and Case Studies
  • Operations Research and Diagnostic Studies
  • Hospital based Clinical Trials
  • Community based Field Trials
  • Community based Intervention Studies
  • Health Resource Mapping based on GIS
  • Training in Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methodology