EHI International Takes Up Independent Monitoring and Verification Audits of Hospitals, Community Health Centres and Mobile Health Vans in Uttarakhand

EHI International Embarks on Statewide Capacity Development of All Government Health Functionaries of Uttarakhand for Bio Medical Waste Management & Infection Control

June 7, 2020

EHI International Progresses on Assessment of Extent of Workforce Shifting from Primary Sector to Other Sectors & Reasons of Shifting in the Mountain Economy of Uttarakhand

EHI International Again Assigned Preparation of Uttarakhand Economic Survey 2019-20

October 4, 2019

EHI International Starts Preparation of Uttarakhand Health Compendium

EHI International Successfully Completes Uttarakhand Economic Survey 2018-19 (Volume-II)

EHII conducts the third round of data collection AHS in Madhya Pradesh

EHI International Completes Third Round of AHS