Procurement and Logistics Management Public Health in India


Streamlining procurement and logistics management systems is a declared strategy for many governments at national and state level within the context of health sector reforms. EHI International understands that effective procurement and logistics management systems need to ensure that products – for example, medicines and medical supplies – reach the right place at the right time in the right way and cost effectively. With a focus on delivering strengthened procurement and logistics management systems, EHI International works with governments and private organisations to improve existing systems and operational frameworks for procurement, warehousing, inventory management and distribution of medicines, contraceptives, medical supplies and equipment, as well as for social franchising initiatives.


Areas of Specialisation


  • Management of Project Procurement
  • Management of Procurement, Warehousing and Distribution Functions as a BPO
  • Supply Chain Network Management for Medicines and Supplies – Member Hospitals, Public Health Programmes, Fair Price Chemist Outlets
  • Tender Management