EHI Project Management


EHI International understands the business side of health care, where growth is often paralyzed, resources are drained, and service delivery is hindered. Our experience and industry knowledge in contemporary, practical problem-solving can help any health care organization, public service or private sector, improve operations and thrive. EHII provides specialist services to assist community health systems and hospitals improve performance and achieve positive outcomes. EHII experts have in-depth public and private sector management experience and proven success in design and management of Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Social Marketing and Franchising operations resolving organizational, administrative, management, marketing, and strategic planning challenges for all types of healthcare providers.


Areas of Specialization:

  • Management of Hospitals/Departments
  • Management of Public Health Programs
  • Management Support to Public Private Partnerships
  • Management of Social Marketing Operations of Healthcare Products
  • Management of Social Franchising Operations of Healthcare Services
  • Medical Tourism Support Services