EHI Capacity Building Trainings Health


EHI International has access to more than 50 years of international and national institutional experience through health policy and systems work in over 70 countries managing over 200 technical assistance assignments for clients ranging from countries to individual hospitals, from multilateral agencies to regulatory bodies.

The wealth of this experience is crystallized by EHI International through innovative applications and adaptations and is offered as packages of know-how and skills to existing and aspiring professionals in the health sector.


EHI Capacity Building Trainings HealthFor over two decades, EHI International has groomed managers and leaders in public health. Today EHI International continues to break new ground in areas as diverse as public health management, global health, applied health research, health policy and systems, health insurance, health communication, hospital management, civil society participation and the interrelationship of ethnicity, culture, and health.


Services Offered by EHI International


  • Capacity Building and Training Policy Formulation
  • Management Development Programs
  • E-learning solutions
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Outsourced Management of Capacity Building & Training Needs
  • Distance Learning Programs
  • Customized Learning Solutions
  • On-site Skills Development Programs
  • Impact Assessment of Training Initiatives

EHI Capacity Building Trainings Health


Trainings Conducted by EHI International

Developing and managing training programs for health functionaries on:
Strategic Planning, Decentralized Planning, Health Economics and Financing, Managing Public Private Partnerships, Qualitative Research Methods and Techniques in Health, Project Planning and Management, Bio Medical Waste Management, Hospital Management, Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health, HIV/AIDS: Basics, Sex and Sexuality, HIV Counseling and Testing, Quality Assurance and Standards in Hospitals, Standard Treatment Guidelines, Clinical Research Management, International Approaches to Health Financing and Health Insurance, 60-day comprehensive training for DRG Specialists, Case-mix Auditor Training: to ensure high billing accuracy for DRG experts, Clinical Code: modular training for hospital staff.

All the above put together, EHI International has trained more than 5000 health care professionals.