July 2, 2013
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    EHI Administrator
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EHI successfully completes Rapid Assessment in Five Cities

EHI conducted a rapid assessment of five cities for Population Foundation of India (PFI). The cities where the assessment was conducted are Bhubaneswar, Pune, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.

As a part of overall program evaluation, the study documented the baseline situation on knowledge, attitude, behavior and practice (KABP) of the target population in terms of Maternal Neonatal and Child Health  including WASH issues, health care seeking behavior and preferred choices of health functionaries for different health issues in Health for Urban Poor (HUP) intervention area.

The study helped to understand present scenario, risk/hazards and vulnerability of individuals, household and community. It also helped to assess prevalent behaviors and practices related to health seeking.

The study addressed indicators related to Maternal, Neonatal, Infant and Child Care. Additionally indicators related to practices, awareness and cost were also addressed. Factors like availability and utilization of health services, care seeking behavior during pregnancy and child illness (in & out of household) were taken into account. To map the factors influencing the care seeking behavior regarding maternal and child health among the households.

The perceived barriers to care seeking were also gauged with factors associated with choice of provider and perceived needs of health seeking, which is an important indicator for improving the health programme and forms an integral part of the health belief model.

After the data collection was completed in all the cities a report was submitted to PFI, describing  actionable strategies to improve the programme and help reach the country the desired health Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).