Our Shared Values

EHI Values


Excellence in Work Processes

Partnering with clients to realise their dreams and consistently produce outcomes that delight them is the driving force of our team of experts. Use of tested methods, strong evidence base and innovation in a customised blend contribute to the work processes, enabling our experts to work with client teams to create sustainable value and lasting change.


Commitment to Quality

Commitment to quality in applied processes and outcomes runs organisation wide as a core value. Our experts constantly benchmark their methods and outputs against the best in the world. This commitment is a source of pride to all and is protected with considerable care and often at the cost of remarkable personal sacrifice.


Integrity and Sincerity

Adherence to professional norms expected from trusted partners is consistently practiced in all our work. By setting high standards for themselves – for confidentiality, transparency, neutrality and paramount commitment to the clients’ interest – our experts earn the trust and confidence of our client partners.


Inspirational, Enabling and Rewarding Work Environment for Outstanding Talent

We perpetually seek out exceptional talent and endeavour to provide them with unparalleled opportunities for professional growth in a collegial environment where they emerge as thought leaders making significant contributions to clients and the realisation of their respective visions.