Breakthroughs in medicine, public health and healthcare delivery systems coupled with and rapidly evolving healthcare needs and expectations of people worldwide are spurring organisations and individuals to transform at unprecedented pace. At the same time it is increasingly difficult to keep abreast with rapid change in the healthcare space brought about by innovations, spurred by information technology and fuelled by increasing investor interest.

    Hospitals worldwide ready themselves to become sought after centres of excellence by increasingly mobile cross border patients who seek value for money.

    Declining burden of communicable diseases and the burgeoning share of lifestyle ones call for unprecedented scale of change in strategies, plans, skills of the workforce and operating systems. 

    A strong national will is evident in most countries to provide affordable healthcare to aspiring billions while containing costs, which constantly push ever higher. Countries struggle to regulate, improve quality of care, bring equity, remove gender bias, and enhance access to services while managing costs, all the time.

    Policymakers and programme managers take on most difficult challenges to find ways to take quality healthcare to people residing in terrains that are remote and hard to reach. 

    The future is full of endless opportunities for lead players in medical care and public health to make healthcare universally accessible and affordable. Leadership is about setting the pace, about transforming organisations and businesses to ride the first wave of emerging opportunities. 

    High-performance experts at EHI International collectively bring decades of diverse experience acquired in challenging assignments and join client organisations and businesses to together meet the challenges as one team with clear vision, need inspired innovation, cost effective strategies, appropriate skills acquisition, client responsive systems, networking and right scaling.   

    EHI International, formerly known as EPOS Health India is a leading, multi-dimensional, healthcare consulting company with a successful track record of fourteen years, having completed more than 120 projects, working with national and state/provincial governments, hospitals, healthcare investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, development partners, national and international NGOs to review, innovate, strategize, plan, develop, change and strengthen as part of transformational processes leading to sustainable and evolved organisations.

    EHI International and EPOS Health Management GmbH, a leading health consulting company based in Germany, work in close association to offer superb value services to clients worldwide. EPOS Health Management has completed more than 400 projects in 75 countries.